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Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Is Asma (Asthma) ? 3 Ways To Treat Asthma

What Is Asthma?

Find out what asthma really is!!

Repeated attacks of difficulty breathing and shortness of breath - known as asthma - can occur at any age., But usually occur at an early age. Asthma is becoming more common disease, which affects more people.

what is asma

Asthma occurs when the bronchi in the lungs become hypersensitive, responding to one or more substances that people who do not suffer from asthma do no harm. Because these reactions airway walls swell and begin to secrete mucus, thereby reducing the space required for the entry of air into the lungs.The main symptoms include loss of breath, wheezing, coughing and chest tightness.Attacks that vary in severity, from mild shortness of breath, suffocation which endangers the patient's life.Frequent asthma attacks are a big hindrance in daily life.
Some people are inherently inclined incidence of asthma, while in many others the disease develops for unknown reasons.Allergic reactions cause asthma in one in eight children and one in 13 adults over the age of 30. There is a wide range of other factors which may cause hypersensitivity of the airways that is essential background to this disease.

 Sixteen (16) Causes Of Asthma Attacks : 

  1. Dust mites and cockroach droppings
  2. Pollen
  3. Animal dandruff (pieces of hair and skin flakes) from pets
  4. Some drugs (among others, aspirin)
  5. Some foods (peanuts, shellfish, crabs and eggs)
  6. Moths in foodstuffs (flour, cereals)
  7. Mold spores
  8. Respiratory tract infections
  9. Tobacco smoke
  10. Car fumes
  11. Perfumes, air fresheners, paint, glue, pesticides
  12. Nitrogen dioxide is generated by burning natural gas in gas using devices
  13. Industrial chemicals
  14. To cold air or sudden temperature changes
  15. Exercise
  16. Dust mites Asthma
    Dust mites Asthma 
  17. Strong emotions 

Asthma Treatment - 3 Ways To Treat Asthma

As soon as you feel closer to attack, move away from any possible causes, stay in a warm room and call for help

1. Practice breathing during attacksSit comfortably and upright, place one hand on the chest and another on the stomach and concentrate  on relaxation, breath slowly and gently through your nose filling your chest with air using abdominal muscles.

2. HomotherapySelect a preparation that best suits your symptoms:

  • Arsenicum - if the attacks were often at night
  • Ipecacuanha : If you feel that your lungs full of mucus and a feeling of nausea at the same time with a cough
  • Natrum Sulphuricum : If attack occur due to stay in a moist environment
  • Pulsatilla - If you feel better in the fresh air 
Pulsatilla Asthma Cure
 3. Other therapies - Acupuncture may help some people with asthma

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