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Monday, July 22, 2013

Facts You Must Know About Depression

Periodic anxiety is an integral and normal part of life. It can be caused by stressful events and unresolved problems or conflicts.Deeper, situational depression can occur after a major loss, such as divorce, death of a close relative or business failure.Some people who experience such a loss can not be recovered because they suffer from an imbalance of brain neurotransmitters. An imbalance of brain neurotransmitters can cause depression, even when nothing is happening terribly.In such cases, expert treatments that deal with the emotional and physical problems, are the best.

Depression is often diagnosed in women than in men.This is partly because women often seek professional help, and they may experience depression caused by hormonal changes.
Depression Chart 2013
Depression Chart 2013

What Causes Depression?

Depression can have many causes. Among other things:

  • Genetic tendency to depression
  • Depression before your period - perhaps due to changes in the hormones
  • Postpartum depression as a result of hormonal changes and other problems such as lack of support from her husband, isolation, job loss
  • Severe childhood experiences, such as loss of parents
  • Sensitivity to the lack of daylight during the winter, which causes seasonal affective disorder, seasonal depression
About Depression
About Depression 

Symptoms Of Depression

  • Unable to do everyday tasks
  • You are no longer looking forward to the things that you used to make you happy
  • Difficult to establish relationships with people around you
  • You are not interested in sex
  • Poor sleep and wake up early
  • Chronic Fatigue 
  • Often feel cold
  • You're tense, anxious or irritable
  • Too much eating, drinking or taking drugs
  • Lost your appetite
  • Do you have a sense of worthlessness
  • You do not matter how you look
  • You are not able to make decisions
  • Loss of memory and concentration
  • Do you have a general sense of guilt
  • Chronic Fatigue
    Chronic Fatigue

Prevention Of Depression

Because stressful situations make us prone to depression, we need to mitigate their effects by applying some of the strategies:
  • Seeking and accepting help and support
  • A healthy diet rich in nutrients, in order to optimize the functioning of the brain
  • Avoiding the use of large amounts of alcohol and caffeine.
  • Be good to yourself, allow yourself to enjoy life
  • Get enough sleep each night (six hours minimum)
  • Regularly practice yoga, meditation or other relaxation techniques. If you are religious - pray!
  • A healthy diet rich in nutrients
    A healthy diet rich in nutrients

Treatment Of Depression 

Does not help to tell the person who is suffering from depression that he should remember all that is good in his life, nor to "get yourself together". But you can do much to cheer the person who is suffering from depression, or seek professional help for severe depression.


While you exercise you're focused on your body, that way you are relaxing from the difficult feelings and thoughts.If you exercise intensely enough, your body will begin to erupt endrofine, which can act on the brain and fix your mood. 
If you still do not exercise, start easy, quick walk of half an hour at least three times a week. When you get used to exercising, think about something more challenging, such as aerobic exercise.Activities involving other people, such as tennis or team sports may be better than exercise alone. For example, swimming - when swimming can still be occupied with bad thoughts. Be careful not to overdo the exercise, the goal is to relax is not to get exhausted.


  • You might find it easier to eat several small meals a day instead of three large
  • Fight the desire for on sort of food - such as sweets or cheese - by eating several small balanced meals
  • Occasional small pleasures such as chocolate ice cream or french fries can make you temporarily feel better.Chocolate contains a substance which is believed to make you happy. But avoid frequent consumption of these foods.
  • Do not run towards alcohol.It will perhaps help you feel better for a while, but at the same time acting badly on the central nervous system and increases depression
  • Limit your intake of caffeine. Excessive amounts of caffeine can increase depression.

Relieving Stress

Use strategies to relieve stress :
  • Make sure that the people around you understand that your abilities are limited when you are feeling bad
  • If it is possible to transfer jobs  to other if those jobs are already difficult to you. People are often willing to help if you tell them what you need.
  • Large burdensome tasks divide into smaller steps. Write a to-do list. 
  • Think about your problems and do what will help you to cope with them - yoga, meditation, pray

Herbal Remedies

  • St. John's Wort is best known herbal remedy for mild and moderate depression.Take in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Can help tea blends wild barley, vervain and ginseng


  • Every day,  take a bath in warm water to which you add a few drops of lavender oil, chamomile, bergamot, clary sage and rose.Do not use clary sage during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy!
  • Ask someone to give you a massage. A tablespoon of sweet almond oil or grape seed, add two drops of lavender and geranium oil and one drop of oil Roman chamomile.

When to seek help
  • If you feel unable to try the methods above
  • If depression lasts longer than two weeks.


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